Our Vision and Mission

At SilverSphere Capital, LLC, we harness our unparalleled expertise in master planning to shape the future of urban landscapes. Our team, comprised of seasoned professionals in commercial real estate, is dedicated to meticulously crafting communities from the ground up, focusing on multifunctional developments that blend residential, retail, and recreational spaces seamlessly. Our strategic approach ensures each project is a beacon of innovation and sustainability, meeting the evolving needs of the markets we serve.

Mission Statement

Our mission at SilverSphere is to generate enduring value for our stakeholders and enhance the fabric of communities. We achieve this through our commitment to masterful planning and development of projects that are not only economically viable but also environmentally responsible and socially beneficial. By integrating advanced green technologies and prioritizing accessibility, we create vibrant, sustainable communities that enrich lives and stand the test of time.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the vanguard of the commercial real estate industry, leading with a forward-thinking mindset in master planning and sustainable development. We aim to set new standards in creating comprehensive, well-integrated communities that serve as models for urban development worldwide. Through our innovative projects, we strive to foster environments that connect, sustain, and inspire both today's inhabitants and future generations.

Our Story

SilverSphere Capital, LLC, emerges as a beacon in the commercial real estate landscape, focusing on the art of master planning and mixed-use developments. Pioneered by seasoned real estate developer Aaron Stickney and accomplished investor Josh Wagner, our firm is dedicated to building cohesive communities that integrate residential, retail, and recreational facilities within walking distances.

Aaron brings over 35 years of experience with a notable portfolio that includes projects like the multifamily landmark, 1 West End in NYC ($900m), and a state-of-the-art $4.5 billion micro-processing facility in Upstate New York. His expertise in creating iconic structures is matched by Josh Wagner's extensive background in venture capital and strategic investments, derived from his diverse experiences in the aerospace and energy sectors.

The collaboration between Aaron and Josh, rooted in a shared vision and complementary skills, was sparked by a fortuitous meeting at a real estate event. This partnership has since flourished, allowing SilverSphere Capital to not only conceive but also meticulously execute master-planned communities that serve as more than just living spaces. These are vibrant, sustainable environments that foster connectivity and community spirit.

Our approach involves leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as geothermal and solar energy, along with green roofing and automated parking systems, to enhance both economic and environmental sustainability. SilverSphere Capital is not just about building properties; we are about creating lasting legacies—communities that thrive through thoughtful integration of living, leisure, and retail spaces.

Join us as we redefine the landscape of urban development, crafting spaces where lifestyles are enhanced and futures are secured.

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The SilverSphere Team

Aaron Stickney

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Experienced construction executive with 35+ years and $9B+ of experience managing large-scale projects. Skilled in real estate acquisition, development, construction, and disposition. Strong in team-building and multi-project management. Proficient in construction feasibility assessments, estimating systems, design-build, system implementation, procurement, zoning, planning, and due diligence.

Josh Wagner

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Experienced investor with diverse expertise in real estate, angel and venture capital, and alternative investments. With 25+ years in executive roles within Aerospace and Oil & Energy industries, he brings valuable knowledge. A Virginia Military Institute graduate, Josh actively serves on boards for children's education, and is a member of Kiwanis International.

Ryan Yates

Financial Controller

15+ years of experience in Alternative Investments, focusing on accounting for various funds like hedge funds, cryptocurrency funds, private equity, real estate, and fund of funds. He excels in accounting, operations, and investor services, having worked for top fund administrators. He has handled complex fund structures, fee calculations, and collaborating with legal, auditing, tax professionals, and investors throughout the funds' lifecycle.

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