The Technique

Investing in a real estate fund that focuses on master planning as well as ground up multifamily, self storage warehouse, hospitality and resort deals can offer several benefits for investors. 


Our real estate funds invest in multiple properties across different geographies and asset classes, which can help reduce risk through diversification. 


Our real estate funds offer access to (off-market) deals that may not be available to investors due to our scale, network, and resources.


Investing in real estate funds can offer tax benefits such as depreciation deductions, which can help reduce taxable income and potentially increase after-tax returns.


We approach our funds with the goal of growth.  This goes beyond wealth protection and we aim to outpace the market providing safe, asset backed investments.


Ground-up multifamily development offers a range of benefits to investors, including, appreciation potential, cash flow, tax benefits, diversification, and control over expenses.

Self Storage

Self storage development provides investors  increased ROI, flexibility, low overhead costs, recession resistance, potential for passive income, and appreciation.


Ground-up warehouse development offers customization, higher returns on investment, long-term tenant stability, environmental efficiency, and growth potential. 

Hospitality / Resort

Investing in hospitality or resort properties has potential for high returns driven by the continuous demand from travelers.

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Multifamily Ground-Up Development

We specialize in ground-up multifamily developments that cater to the diverse needs of today's renters. Our projects focus on Class A apartments in prime markets, each designed with an emphasis on sustainability, functionality, and community engagement.

Self Storage Ground-Up Development

We invest in self-storage development opportunities in high-demand markets, with a focus on modern, secure, and easily accessible facilities. Our self-storage projects prioritize customer convenience, incorporating the latest technology and design features to enhance the user experience.

Warehouse Ground-Up Development

Our warehouse development strategy targets key distribution hubs and logistics corridors to build state-of-the-art facilities that meet the evolving demands of e-commerce and logistics companies. We leverage advanced technology and sustainable design principles to create efficient and environmentally responsible warehouse spaces.

Hospitality / Resort

Building hospitality or resort properties boost local economies by creating numerous employment opportunities and stimulating ancillary businesses, such as local retail and dining establishments. These properties enhance a region's appeal to tourists, increasing its visibility and potentially leading to sustained economic and cultural benefits.